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Mirjam de Keijzer

The first time I came in contact with the Rebozo was during a day of the doula training in 2006. Thea van Tuijl was my teacher and she taught me the basic principles of the Rebozo and a few different positions in which I could bring relaxation to pregnant women and women in labour. I immediately started applying this to my doula clients. They were usually immediately enthusiastic and felt relaxed and supported by the Rebozo. However, there were also women for whom these positions were not comfortable. Then I noticed that I was able to make adjustments very easily so that the desired result was achieved.

From that moment I was in love with the Rebozo!

Now that I was able to find other positions with so little experience, the possibilities had to be unlimited. A simple and effective method that many people could learn and apply! This insight was the starting point for Thea and me to work together and to make the Rebozo more known in the Netherlands and Europe.

In addition to my work as a doula and doulatrainer, I work as a prenatal teacher Samen Bevallen, preparing couples for the birth of their baby. During this pregnancy course I also introduce the Rebozo because I noticed that, especially for the partners, the Rebozo is a practically applicable tool that they often have “quickly mastered”.

Then I also went to Midwifery Today conferences to meet, among others, Naoli Vinaver and Angelina Martinez Miranda, Mexican midwives who asked renewed attention fort he Rebozo. I am grateful to have learned more from them about this age-old Mexican tradition. Thanks to the direct contact and the cooperation with Naoli Vinaver, we were able to start this journey with the Rebozo. It turned out to be a journey around the world.

Through all the traveling for the Rebozo workshops and the various collaborations that arise from it, I have experienced that the Rebozo massage is not just for pregnant women. However, it can also be used for supportive and healing purposes, for example for the elderly and for people who are traumatized.

In this way my insights and my love for the Rebozo continue to grow.

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