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This site informs about massage techniques with the Mexican traditional sling: the Rebozo.

What is a Rebozo?

A Rebozo is a sling/scarf, that also can be used for massage. The Rebozo is woven in very different colors and patterns from cotton, wool or synthetic fibres. They are available in various measures and thicknesses. When the Rebozo is used for a massage, the ideal length is mainly determined by the length of the masseur and the technique that one wants to apply. For the European somewhat longer ones are often practical. For an optimal situation it is nice if the cloth is woven in the same way as a sling, in the length and width firm and diagonal with just a little stretch. The Rebozos in our webshop come from Guatemala, where they are traditionally woven on a stair loom in a family weavery. They are made from glossy cotton.

Where does the Rebozo come from?

The Rebozo has been used by women in Central America since time immemorial in many different situations. The use by traditional midwives is special, because they use the Rebozo for massage, movement and support during pregnancy, birth and in the post partum period. Knowledge of the use of the Rebozo is spreading more and more outside of Central America. As an answer to this it shows that the traditional use of cloths also occurs in other cultures. Sometimes surprisingly many similarities can be seen. However, the source of the knowledge that we share on this site is in Mexico.

What is a Rebozo massage?

A Rebozo massage is given with one or more cloths. The Rebozo is wrapped around a body part and tensioned so that it provides support and enclosure. Then, with the Rebozo, small or larger movements can be made, so that the person is rocked and moved into the cloth. This provides a very relaxing massage and will be experienced by many as very pleasant and soothing.

Learning from the source?

Would you like to learn more about traditional techniques such as working with the Rebozo? You can register via this link for the Online workshops of Naoli Vinaver.

We at are proud to be a partner of Naoli Vinaver and bundle her inspiring lessons in The Art of Birth.

Some of our products

For whom?

Rebozo massage for pregnant women

Everybody who works with pregnant women can use the Rebozo for relaxation, but also for complaints such as lower back pain, stress, Braxton Hicks contractions and fatigue. During labour the Rebozo can prove its worth by helping the birthing woman to move and relax as support, for example with handling the pain. For midwives it is even possible to support a change in the position of the baby.
After birth , the closing ritual or the closing massage can be offered with the Rebozo. After birth , the closing ritual or the closing massage can be offered with the Rebozo. The mother is then firmly packed from top to toe, body part by body part, in the Rebozo. This makes her aware of her own body, her literal and figurative limits/bounderies?

Rebozomassage for everybody

However, this long-standing method of helping women relax in this special period in their lives offers more possibilities. Practice has shown that the Rebozo can also be used very effectively with other target groups, such as children, athletes and elderly people. Especially for complaints such as lower back pain, headache, pain in the neck, leg cramps, sore shoulders, etc. Because the support of the cloth feels like a loving embrace, but the masseur always stays at an appropriate distance, this massage is also ideal for people who do not want to be touched directly.

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