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Workshop Rebozomassage

The Rebozoworkshop focuses on various massage options with the cloth for bringing relaxation and supporting movement.

The used Rebozomassages appear to bring relaxation to everyone (young and old) and can therefore be used in many situations.

The workshops offer the opportunity to learn how to give this massage by practicing a lot and to experience the massage yourself. There will be practiced a whole day in various positions.

A workshop is always adapted to the needs and wishes of the participants.
Usually the basis is started which is expanded with additional actions as desired.

It is also possible to request an ‘internal workshop’. This can be at a midwifery practice or a practice for babywearing consultants, a group of doulas or other interested parties. We are happy to come and give a workshop with our canvases in your space!

The data of planned workshops can be found in the agenda.

Some experiences

‘The system of explaining, doing and experiencing yourself, worked very well and clearly.’

‘Nice, educational and inspiring day, I will definitely work with it!’

‘Safe practice situation, room for input of participants.’

‘Very enthusiastic presentation.’

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