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This site gives information about massage techniques with the traditional Mexican Rebozo.

The Rebozo is not only used to carry baby’s but in Central America it is also used by midwives since time immemorial. The Rebozo massage techniques can be applied during pregnancy and birth, but also in the post partum period. This old method to relax and move women in this special period of their lives offers a lot of possibilities. Everybody who is working with pregnant women can use the Rebozo at every moment, especially when women complain about pain in the back, stress, Braxton-Hicks contractions or fatigue.
The Rebozo can also be very helpful during labor for relaxation, changing positions and movement. Since several years the knowledge about the Rebozo is spreading outside Central America, thanks to Naoli Vinaver and Angelina Miranda Martinez, both midwives from Mexico.

In practice it is evident that the Rebozo also is applicable for others then pregnant or birthing women, like children and elderly people.

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A Rebozo around the head is so relaxing. Even when you have a headache it will help. And it is a start for a nice closing massage!

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Last weekend we were in Bologna for a Rebozo weekend. These pictures are made during the basic workshop. It was so good to be in Italy and teach all those things you can do with a Rebozo. Thanks to Daniela who organized this amazing weekend!! ... See MoreSee Less

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