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This site gives information about massage techniques with the traditional Mexican Rebozo.

The Rebozo is not only used to carry baby’s but in Central America it is also used by midwives since time immemorial. The Rebozo massage techniques can be applied during pregnancy and birth, but also in the post partum period. This old method to relax and move women in this special period of their lives offers a lot of possibilities. Everybody who is working with pregnant women can use the Rebozo at every moment, especially when women complain about pain in the back, stress, Braxton-Hicks contractions or fatigue.
The Rebozo can also be very helpful during labor for relaxation, changing positions and movement. Since several years the knowledge about the Rebozo is spreading outside Central America, thanks to Naoli Vinaver and Angelina Miranda Martinez, both midwives from Mexico.

In practice it is evident that the Rebozo also is applicable for others then pregnant or birthing women, like children and elderly people.

During the month July, the shipment of rebozos and/or books can take a few days longer. We enjoy the summer holidays and then continue our work for rebozo.nl full of energy. We wish all visitors of rebozo.nl a wonderful summertime!

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Es war ein wunderschöner Tag in Düsseldorf! Wir hatten viel Spass mit dem Rebozo! Danke Alexa! ... See MoreSee Less

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Next week Rebozoworkshop in Porto during the big conference Nascer Positivo!Thea van Tuyl é Educadora Perinatal há mais de 30 anos na Holanda.

Ingressou na ENCA (Rede Européia de Associações de Parto) em 2000 e desde então foi convidada, juntamente com Hannie Oor, para ministrar workshops e palestras sobre educação perinatal, em vários países europeus.

De 2006 a 2013 foi formadora de Doulas e, nesse contexto, interessou-se por massagem com rebozo. Como visitante anual dos congressos do Midwifery Today, aprendeu sobre rebozo com Naoli Vinaver, do México. Começou a dar workshops sobre essa técnica na Holanda e em outros países europeus.

Em 2009, publicou um livro sobre rebozo, com os co-autores Mirjam de Keijzer e Naoli Vinaver. Este livro está também traduzido para português por Naoli Vinaver, designando-se “A Técnica Do Rebozo Revelada”. Em inglês chama-se “Rebozo Technique Unfolded”.

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Germany: Here we come! Rebozoworkshops in Deutschland!
15 Marz in Köln
16 Marz in Düsseldorf
16 Marz in Mainz
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