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Thea van Tuijl

The first time I saw a Rebozo and learned what you can do with it was during a Midwifery Today Conference in Paris 2001. There I met Naoli Vinaver, Mexican midwife. She gave a workshop about how to use the Rebozo. Immediately I fell in love with the relaxing massages and all the possibilities that a Rebozo offers. Na die eerste keer ontmoette ik Naoli geregeld tijdens de jaarlijkse Midwifery Today conferenties en leerde meer en meer van haar over de Rebozo en over Rebozomassage. During these conferences I also followed workshops given by Mexican traditional midwife Angelina Martinez Miranda. She has a load of experience, especially with the Rebozo.

When I started with a few other women the Doula training in Utrecht in 2006, I started to teach about the Rebozo. At first during the doula training and later on during workshops.
Together with Mirjam de Keijzer, who as a doula had experience with Rebozomassage with her pregnant and birthing clients, I started the adventure of spreading the news about the Rebozo in the Netherlands and abroad. Together with Mirjam I did workshops in western European countries, but also in Russia, Japan and Turkye.

As a childbirth educator of the course Samen Bevallen I was for years part of the preparation for birth for pregnant women and their partners. The Rebozo was a good tool to use during the prenatal course. The partner can learn how to do these simple movements and so he can support his wife during Pregnancy and birth and help her to relax in so many positions.

It feels good to share the knowledge about the Rebozo to everyone who needs relaxation or who want to use the Rebozo in their practice (midwifery, yoga, massage, therapy etc.). It is a super easy and very comfortable way to help people to relax.

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