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Workshop Rebozo-technique  


We also offer workshops outside the Netherlands.

The workshop pays attention to several massage techniques with the Rebozo for relaxation and support during movements. These techniques are mostly used during pregnancy, but also during labor, birth and post partum period.

The used techniques seem to be applicable for everyone (younger and older people) to relax and so it can be offered in many situations.


During the workshop you will learn how to use the Rebozo and percieve the effect of a Rebozo massage. There is opportunity to practice a lot.


For questions about inviting us for a workshop abroad, mail us: inforebozo@gmail.com We can make a program that answers to your wishes.




‘'The system of explanation, doing and experiencing it yourself, worked very good for me.'


‘'Good, instructive and inspiring day, I will certainly work with it.'


‘'Safe situation in which we could experience the Rebozo and room for

input of the participants.'


‘'Very enthusiastic presentation.'